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Just like carpet, over the period of time, tile floors do get dirty from the daily wear and tear of life. Regular cleaning of tiles is a must. However, regular cleaning cannot take Mold, mildew, and debris out that get caught within the grout and pores of the tiles over the years. They stay there and spread all over since common vacuuming and mopping is not sufficient to clean the dirt and stains from spills. CLEAN San Diego Carpet Cleaning Services is capable to give your tile and grout with a thorough deep cleaning. We have skilled technicians with extensive years of experience and superior cleaning equipment to clean your tile and grout extremely well.

We specialize in cleaning all types of tiled floors, counter-tops, & showers. We have an extensive experience in cleaning travertine, limestone, marble, slate, granite, ceramic porcelain, saltillo. We also specialize in stone restoration and tile and grout restoration as well!

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Professional Tiles and Grout Cleaning Service

Our Approach to clean Your Tiles and Grout

Tiles and Grout Cleaning Process

tile grout cleaningThe grout among your tiles is effected by various spills from oil, wine, coffee, tea and all types of food. Though mopping is necessary however, it's not enough to deep clean your tiles, as things get stuck within the grout and pores of the tiles. Often times, you must have noticed that on the tile walls and floors in your bathroom there are rust marks and soap stains that are badly sticking out more and more every day. And if the tiles of your bathroom are porous then the pores will retain filth that will buildup and makes your tiles look horribly old and hinder the hygiene and purity of your indoor atmosphere.

At CLEAN San Diego Carpet Cleaning Services, we use the most effective, environmentally friendly cleaning products that are gentle on your tile and grout. Depending on the condition of your tile and grout, our professional team will either machine scrub or hand brush the tile and grout in your home. Then, for a deep and thorough cleaning, we'll give a high heat and pressure rinse to your tile and grout. And in the end, to protect your tile and grout for months, we'll seal it with a special sealant

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed. We provide quality work and use latest techniques to clean the tiles of your home or office. Our mission is to provide you the clean and healthy living floorspace for your family.

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We specialize in cleaning tile showers throughout San Diego County

tile cleaning san diego Although regular cleaning is a necessity however, tile showers may require to be professionally cleaned and sealed.

Regular use of chemicals in the cleaning products can wear and break down the sealant on the tiles. When the seal wears, water can get into the grout and back of tiles, allowing mold and mildew to develop.

It is very important to regularly check the grout, silicone or caulking around the shower tiles and make sure that it is intact. If they are not handled fast enough, it may result in the need for expensive mold remediation services.

CLEAN San Diego Carpet Cleaning Services provides tile shower cleaning and sealing services in San Diego County so that you can rest assured that your shower is not becoming a potentially costly health hazard. We provide quality work and use effective cleaning agents and techniques to clean the tiles of your shower. Our mission is to provide you the clean and healthy bathing environment for your family.

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tile grout cleaning reviews

Ellie M

Chula Vista, CA

My previous tenants had left the entire house dirty, the carpets were smelling bad, there was mold on my shower tiles, and kitchen tiles were black. I hired them to take care of everything. They did a fantastic job of cleaning them. My carpet looks new, and my shower and kitchen tiles are sparkling now.... Thank you guys, you are awesome!

tile and grout cleaning reviews

Ethan S

La Jolla, CA

They did a fabulous cleaning job on our carpets and three areas where the tile grout needed to be cleaned. They came on time, and very efficient. There were oil and grease stains on our driveway, they all are gone now...it looks great now! I highly recommend them!

tile grout cleaning reviews

Ric R

Encinitas, CA

If you are looking for a good cleaning company this is it. Highly recommend! I received excellent service. They made sure we were happy and satisfied with our tile cleaning before he put the sealer on. I love how our floor turned out and will be recommending this company to all!

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